MainLine Theatre: MainLine Seat Sale Bonanza!

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14 December 2011
MainLine Theatre
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Or buy someone you love (or hate) a perfect gift by sponsoring your local arts community!

For those of you who purchased seats in the Mini Main last year, your engraved name plaques are ready, but before we put them... on the seats...we want to offer you a chance to upgrade.

For the low and tax deductible donation of 50$, you can upgrade from a Mini Main seat to one in the Main room.

For those who have not donated yet we are offering you your chance at immortality. For a 100$, tax deductible donation to MainLine Theatre, your name will live forever, engraved on a
brass plaque and affixed to the seat of your choice at MainLine Theatre.

Mini Main Seat = $50, tax deductible
MainLine Theatre Seat = $100, tax deductible

Contact Jeremy Hechtman to make your donation. or (514)849-FEST

MainLine is indie theatre's home on the Main! Over the years we have brought you hit shows such as Johnny Cannuck & The Last Burlesque (2006), Hedda Gabler (2008), The Mid-Life Crisis of Dionysus (2010) & Sexy Dirty Bloody Scary (2011). And don't forget, we produce Montreal's biggest open performing arts festival: The St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival every June! and