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Holy Awful

Wow. For all the hype that was generated about this play I thought it would have actually been good. What a piece of crap! Ok, here's what worked: the minimalist set and the songs performed by Antonio Bavaro. Other than that it was predictable, melodramatic, and poorly acted. The actors were trying and maybe they would be ok in something else but it just didn't work for this. I had no connection to any of them and actually found myself hoping they would die and put us out of our misery. The choices made by the director in terms of makeup and presentation left a lot to be desired. I mean, if someone is sick and dying why was their face so perfect? Especially when the big reveal happened and we saw all the "sores" on his arm. Continuity? Not so much. The main guy who played Santos, Jerome Gagnon, was pretty, sure, but he couldn't act his way out of a paper bag. I did not believe anything he said or did and when the gun came out I really wanted him to end it and put us out of our misery. I admit that part was well done and was probably the only part in the show that was believable from him. All the people who gave this show a good review must have been bribed (Richard Burnett I'm lookin at you kid) because no respectable theatre critic could have said this was a good show. I have to admit that I'm sure there was a lot of effort put into this show and I'm sorry to say it was so bad but that was an hour I will never get back from my life. I wish I had been more prepared for the piece of crap I was about to witness when I walked in. If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all is usually how I live my life but this was talked about soo much I just had to set the record straight. What a waste of time.

so much potential

Ugh, so frustrating. This play had all the potential in the world and it was just embarrassing. No disrespect to the actors, the effort was there, but come on, this was worse than a high school play.

Saw it twice!

Saw it twice!

Loved it! So many smart

Loved it! So many smart jokes, and wonderful creativity. I wish I'd seen it before the last show so I could drag all my friends to it. I'll be looking out for this troupe in the future.

Love n timemachines

Love n timemachines is a really touching & romantic scifi show! If you've ever been in love & lost you should see this show! Not too campy, with just the right mix of humour And light hearted fun :)

CRUDITÉS : mission accomplie les filles!

C'était un excellent spectacle qui faisait salle comble pour la dernière représentation de cette année. J'ai adoré ces chansons (ancien style), interprétées comme des publicités radio des années 40 ou 50. Elles étaient souvent accompagnées de courtes chorégraphies très réussies de la part des 4 comédiennes. Pendant une heure, elles nous ont parlés de la recherche d'un conjoint et aussi de s'accepter telles qu'elles sont. C'était vraiment charmant comme spectacle. Les jupons faisaient très rétro.

Bella Bestia : seins, fesses et petites culottes.

Cette ébauche de spectacle m'a semblé assez décevante. Le rythme des 2/3 de ces 15 minutes est tellement lent que cela ressemble à une longueur. Ces 3 danseuses nous apparaissent comme des mannequins de plâtre qui bougent à peine et qui synchronisent leurs mouvements par la suite. Elles sont vêtues de sous-vêtements seulement. Cela cadrait bien avec l'esprit trash du Fringe qui restait très sage cette année. Les 5 dernières minutes étaient plus animées cependant. J'ai aimé le jeu d'éclairage qui nous les montrant sous un angle différent. Par moment, ce spectacle me rappelait un peu la pièce de théâtre «Des yeux de verre - Troupe Leitmotiv», nudité en moins. Pas assez audacieux pour moi.

Seduce all humans -a sexy good time

Hot and Dirty aliens trying to seduce mankind? Hell ya! Sign me up! These girls are new to the Montreal Burlesque scene but it really doesn't show. They put on a well rehearsed and sexy show. The theme totally works, the costumes are fun and the live band really helps tie it all together :)

Single Black female impresses, brings diversity

At the Montreal Fringe Festival every year there is a wide variety of shows, from comedy to theatre to music. But something I haven’t seen much of in the festival previously is ethnic diversity. That is why I was interested in seeing Single Black Female, a two woman show of comic vignettes exploring life for the modern black female.


tabarnak! These japanese girls are funny! Awesome costumes and great physical comedy! a must see!


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