#10shortdays Creative Challenges

From June 12 to 21, we will challenge you to create short artworks daily around Fringe-like themes! An activity co-organized by the Montreal St-Ambroise Fringe Festival and the Festival tout’ tout court, during This is not a Fringe! 

How to participate to #10SHORTDAYS

  1. From June 12 to 21, discover the theme on the Festival tout’ tout court Facebook page  at 11am with your coffee or your orange juice! 
  2. Create! Make art! Alone, with your cat, with your besties by Zoom! All forms are welcome: short plays, dance, poetry, music, culinary works, storytelling, drawing, performance!
  3. Keep it short! Your audience must be able to appreciate your masterpiece in 10 minutes or less!
  4. Before last call (3am!), publish your work in public mode on the social network of your choice, with the hashtags #fringebuzz and #10shortdays
  5. Go to our Collective Gallery below, click on the PLUS sign and copy-paste the hyperlink to your work, so that everyone can enjoy it!
  6. Go to bed, you deserve it, but don’t forget to set your alarm clock: next challenge 11am!

Check out the collective gallery below!


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