OFF FRINGE 2018 Information

OFF Programming 2018
St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival 

We encourage everyone to take part in the 28th St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival, happening May 28th – June 17th 2018. You will find here full details on participating as an OFF company. Applications to our OFF Programming are due by Friday, February 9th at 6PM (Eastern). Stay tuned for the online form! 



OFF Info Session: 7PM January 30th, 2018 at MainLine Theatre, 3997 boul. Saint-Laurent. RSVP here:
OFF Applications due: February 9th, 2018
OFF Dropout Deadline: February 23rd, 2018
Festival Dates: May 28 – June 17, 2018
OFF Show Dates: May 30 – June 17, 2018


How the OFF FRINGE works

Accepting Companies. Priority for acceptance of OFF Companies is based on a first-come first-accepted basis, depending on the feasibility of your project, up to the discretion of the festival’s Executive and Artistic Director. We hope to be able to accept all companies wanting to present an OFF Show, but as OFF shows require a particular kind of care, we limit it to the amount of extra venues we believe we can handle. Applying does not mean your show will be accepted. Please be in touch with us at if you are considering applying.

Your Company. To ensure equitable access to the festival, the FRINGE will only accept one show per company. If you send more than one OFF application, only one will be accepted. You may not change the name of your company after we receive the application form. It is strictly forbidden to sell or give away your slot to another company.

What the FRINGE does for OFF Companies:
– We provide Advance Box Office services;
– We include your venue in our Insurance Policy;
– We list your show in the FRINGE Program, Master Schedule & Website;
– We provide access to our Media List and Press Package;
– We invite you to attend our Publicity Workshops;
– You will be invited to perform in the FRINGE-for-All press preview show and other promotional opportunities.

What you do:
– You apply and pay an application fee based on the capacity of one of your performances;
– You find and pay for your own venue, equipment and technician. (The FRINGE must approve your venue for safety and insurance reasons);
– You rehearse your show;
– You publicize your show (we give you workshops and media lists to help you);
– You set your own ticket prices (up to a maximum of $10.00) and you keep 100% of that (we add service charges);
– You provide your own floats and Front of House staff (who we will train before the festival);
– You decide your own schedule and how many shows you want to perform between May 30 and June 17. Please note that shows may start at 12 noon at the earliest, and end by 12:30 midnight at the latest (10PM on June 17th, night of the Frankie Awards!).



A Site Specific show is one that cannot be done in one of our regular venues. In the past these shows have taken place in a pool hall, as two characters played a game of pool, or a parking lot, or in a kitchen or living room. They are non-traditional shows in non-traditional spaces.

A BYOV show takes place in a traditional venue that you rent yourself. It would be a good idea to team up with another company or companies to share a venue. A venue can be whatever you want it to be, but your capacity will need to be confirmed in conference with our Executive and Artistic Director.First and foremost, location, location, location. In order to maintain a neighbourhood festival atmosphere we ask that all the venues be within walking distance of the FRINGE Park located at the corner of Saint-Laurent blvd. and Rachel St.



Where should I look for a venue?

The perimeter is generally Sherbrooke Street along the South, Berri Street along the East, Parc to the West and Fairmount to the North. This is a fertile breeding ground for cafés, bars, lofts, empty storefronts and art galleries. Many of the have varying degrees of lighting, sound, and stage equipment already available.

So, I’m just supposed to walk into a bar or gallery and ask if I can do my show there as part of the FRINGE?

Absolutely! You could be surprised about how receptive people are to the arts in Montreal. If they decline, just take it in stride and hit up the next place! 

What kind of deal should I be working out with them?

This varies. Some bars are happy enough to let you perform for free before 10PM. You keep the door; they keep the bar. Some places will insist you only do Pay-what-you-can, others may want a split of the door. YOU are responsible for whatever deal you make with them. MAKE SURE YOU GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!! We will need a copy of the contract. Remember, if something feels too good to be true, it probably is. If something feels fishy, follow your instincts. Most bar owners and landlords are business people… business people are not known for their altruism. Make sure you protect yourself. If you want to run something by the FRINGE for a second opinion before you sign anything, feel free.

Can the FRINGE give us equipment?

Unfortunately not – OFF companies are responsible for their own venue and equipment. We might however be able to help you locate what you are looking for. Just email 

How much should I expect to make?

In recent years, OFF shows have done increasingly well, but they can still be a hard sell. Doing an OFF show means extra work and extra risk because you’ll be finding, renting, equipping and staffing your venue at your own expense and then promoting your show to make back the extra costs. We recommend teaming up with other companies in your venue!

How do ticket sales work?

The FRINGE will print your tickets and take care of your Advance sales. Tickets will be available by phone, online, or at the Central Box Office up to two hours before your show. The FRINGE will NOT sell tickets at the door of your venue. This means you are responsible for your own door sales (finding your own venue manager). You will have to provide a person (who we will train) to sell tickets at the door starting one hour before your show. This is another good reason to team up with other OFF companies, your partners can sell tickets for your show; you can sell tickets to their show. 

What are the advantages to doing an OFF show?

You get to make your own schedule with performances from May 30 – June 17 2018, which may start at 12 noon at the earliest, and end by 12:30 midnight at the latest (10PM on June 17th, night of the Frankie Awards!). Our regular shows get six performances at a variety of times. An OFF Company could potentially perform every night at 8PM, or every night at 8PM and 10PM! 

If I applied to the A-Z Lottery and made it to the waitlist, does my $55 administration fee carry over?

Absolutely! If you have already paid the $55 fee to be a part of the A-Z Programming and wish to apply to OFF Fringe, you will not have to pay the $55 fee a second time.


PAYMENT + APPLICATION Please read carefully

In order for your application to be complete, we require:

  • Filling in the application form (Form TBA) ;
  • Payment of your $ 55 Admin Fee ;
  • A copy of your contract with your venue (to be sent to

Once we have all of these, we require:

  • Payment of your Application Fee (sliding scale based on your venue capacity, see below) via PayPal. You have 48 hours to complete payment upon reception of the PayPal invoice. 

Payment Method
We generally take payments through PayPal. PayPal accounts connect with your bank and allow you to select various methods of payments, but it is also possible to pay with a credit card without a PayPal account. If you require any assistance or need to discuss alternative methods, please contact

Administration Fee
This fee is non refundable and is required in order to complete your application. We require a payment of $47.84 + taxes ($55) via PayPal – the link will show up after your form is submitted. 

Application Fee
This fee is based on the capacity of your venue (how many patrons can be seated per performance). Upon reception of this form, we will send you an invoice via PayPal, to be paid in the following 48 hours.

The fees are as follows:
1 – 24 patrons – $430.53 + taxes ($495)
25 – 49 patrons – $447.92 + taxes ($515)
50 – 74 patrons – $495.76 + taxes ($570)
75+ patrons – $556.64 + taxes ($640)

Additional Fees / Penalties
In order to ensure smoother functioning of OFF Venues at the festival, the FRINGE reserves the right to charge your company additional fees which may be deducted from your box office revenues. The following infractions will incur a penalty (first infraction $25, each subsequent infraction $200):

  • Failure to send your box office volunteers/staff for training by FRINGE Festival staff;
  • Failure to provide adequate box office services to the public;
  • Failure to pick up your box office package 90 min prior to show time and return it to headquarters within 45 minutes of your final performance of the day. 

– If you’re accepted and withdraw before February 23rd, 2018, you get your money back (minus the non-refundable Administration Fee)
– If you’re accepted and withdraw after February 23rd, 2018, the entire fee is non-refundable.

LOTTERY RESULTS – 2018 St-Ambroise FRINGE de Montréal

Last update: Jan. 26, 2018


  • Art é Fakt
  • Bick/Antzis
  • Cory Thibert
  • Devon More Music
  • HappySad Theatre
  • Human Body Project
  • Izak Productions
  • Peachy Keen Productions
  • Rabbit & Turtle Projects
  • Scantily Glad Theatre
  • Sex T-Rex
  • Stephanie Morin-Robert
  • Yassou Malaka

1 – Danielle Doiron
2 – Tra la la
3 – Well-Dressed Robot Productions
4 – Équivoc’
5 – Mancini
6 – Ben Price Magic
7 – Adrian Cronk Co.
8 – Awe! Theatre
9 – Pasic Productions
10 – Rabbit in a Hat Productions
11 – AL Productions
12 – SNAFU
13 – Lucky Cadaver Theatre Company
14 – Bad Reputation Productions
15 – Margin Release
16 – Not Oasis Productions
17 – Iris Gardet-Hadengue
18 – gypsyWASPproductions
19 – Newman Mentalism
21 – Aplombusrhombus
22 – Third Wheel
23 – Hip.Bang!
24 – Alastair Knowles
25 – Ally Baharoon
26 – Ashley Whitehead
27 – Dramatic Hat Productions
28 – Squeaky Wheel
29 – Helen Knight
30 – One Night Collective
31 – Gillian English
32 – Keith Brown
33 – Big Wide Mouthed Frog
34 – DataGeek
35 – Guayoyo Creative Collective
36 – Piecework Productions
38 – Drawing Board Productions
39 – sideshowcomic
40 – Big Cat Facial Cream
41 – Bessie-Jean Productions
42 – Piss & Vinegar Collective
43 – Infinite Innuendo Productions
44 – The Boy Who Swallowed a Bullet Collective
45 – Fifth Wall
46 – Jimmy Hogg
47 – Stranger Folk
48 – Deflying Feets
49 – Kitt & Jane


  • 1919
  • 2Hoots Productions
  • A Little Bit Off
  • big word performance poetry
  • Charles Adrian as Ms Samantha Mann
  • Coralie Lali Lala
  • DK Reinemer
  • Michael Burgos
  • Red Bastard
  • Sophia Walker Productions
  • The Shylock Project
  • Wish Experience
  • World Laughs

1 – Jake Simonds
2 – Blue House Productions
3 – Movin Melvin Brown
4 – Lee Archer
5 – Unruffled Theater
6 – Big Empty Barn Productions
7 – Saye Theatre
8 – Pat O’Brien
9 – Jikan Theatre Company
10 – Third Act Productions
11 – HOAX
12 – Foundation for New American Art
13 – Houston Robertson
14 – Penguintown Media
15 – Mercury Daniels
16 – Elias Faingersh
17 – Tim Motley
18 – Breaking the Cycle Films LLC
19 – Pixel Productions
20 – Lisa Pedace
21 – West Can Folk Performing Company
22 – murray meyer
23 – Jim Loucks
24 – The Invisible Theater of Minneapolis


  • À cheval sur le Prince Hip
  • Ac Productions
  • canicules
  • Conseil de guerre et lanternes
  • Deux gars sul sofa
  • En un tour de main
  • Évelyne Laniel
  • Joël Hamel Hogue
  • Lâche pas
  • Le Théâtre des petits paradigmes poreux
  • Les productions de la Clé rouge
  • Possiblement Théâtre
  • Productions DPFG
  • Productions Héméra
  • Qui Dit Vain
  • Stefan Stefan
  • TCM
  • Théâtre au Féminin Pluriel
  • Théâtre de l’Ataxie Belliqueuse
  • Théâtre des assoiffées
  • Théâtre des laides
  • Théâtre Globe Bulle Rouge
  • Théâtre Lune et l’Autre
  • Théâtre Omnivore
  • Théâtre Sans Nombre
  • Théâtre sous la main
  • Troupe de La Bulle

1 – Philo14
2 – Trembler Davantage II
3 – Théâtre Cétacé
4 – Les deux colons d’Amerique
5 – Petit Pierrot Production
7 – Latino Burlesque
8 – Théâtre Taïkonaute
9 – Clever Girls
10 – La marmaille
11 – Théâtre des XII coups
12 – FRIM
13 – Zouf! Théâtre
14 – The Beast Productions
15 – Productions Prout Prout
16 – Bouffon de Bellefeuille
17 – Y’en aura d’autres!
18 – La vieille fille
19 – Steake N’ Bag
20 – Didascalistes
21 – Productions Disco Fantastiques
22 – Curieux Machin
23 – Tu pensais qu’c’tait ça que c’tait
24 – Vicky Gélineau
25 – Théâtre du XXIIième Siècle
26 – Les Intimistes
27 – Chlorophylle Propolis
28 – les desaxees
29 – Deal with it
30 – Théâtre Sans Fond
31 – Luigi Buffone
32 – Le Théâtre de la Chambre des enfants
33 – Adam Faucher
34 – Feeling bleue
35 – Les Précieuses Perdues
36 – La Faillite
37 – Les chiqueurs de rêves
38 – Les impromptus
39 – Bare Bone Films Inc.


  • AAATarot
  • Acherontia productions
  • ACT!
  • Ah Geez Productions
  • Canis Tempus
  • CoolCrazyCats Productions
  • Cynical Dog Productions
  • Daughter Product
  • Filion
  • Good Company
  • Jellyfish
  • Jolly Boy Theatre Company
  • La Tigressa Productions
  • Majora Theatre
  • Maximaliste Productions
  • Overy Productions
  • Pope Joan
  • Project Aliencat
  • Robbie Dillon’s Penis
  • Sort of Productions
  • Tantalus
  • That’s Enough Drama
  • The Other Coast Theatre
  • Trash Wolf
  • Ülfet Sevdi
  • Velveteen & Valueless
  • West Enders
  • Wrong Trousers Productions

1 – Hatchken
2 – Blowfish Theatre Company
3 – Thunder Blunder
4 – SoMo Theatre
5 – An X Empire Productions
6 – Crazy Cat Lady Productions
7 – Hi, it’s me Dimitri Kyres
8 – Glitter Confetti
9 – “Show Me Yours!”
10 – LaterGater Co.
11 – La Belle Improv
12 – MSTQ
13 – Les Parents Terribles
14 – Hypoallergenic Productions
16 – Wandering Well Productions
17 – That Weird Puppet Girl
18 – Goddamn Bear
19 – CABAL
20 – Vulpecula Theatre
21 – Hey Ladie
22 – La Fille Du Laitier
23 – Teaghan O’Driscoll
24 – Steal the Void Theatre
25 – 20th Century Knife Fight
26 – Viva Diverse Productions
27 – The General Gao
28 – bodgyal productions
29 – Sassafras
30 – Sus Est Anno Productions
31 – Little Black Rain Cloud Productions
32 – Blunder Blender
33 – Twisted Tree
34 – Burcu Emeç
35 – We Are One
36 – Rising Fatales
37 – Maddening Productions
38 – Very Nice Theatre Company
39 – TMI Productions
40 – The Herding Pack
41 – Now Now Productions
42 – Krisis
43 – Big Art Productions
44 – Gleams Theatre
45 – AcidHawk Theatre
46 – Only Skin Company
47 – The Do Art Company
48 – Thought Experiment Productions
49 – Boodeful
50 – Surplace
51 – Blood & Thunder
52 – Lost & Found Puppet Co.
53 – Purple Divine
54 – You Can’t Understand
55 – PointeTango
56 – Pinnipeds
57 – Medulla Oblongata Productions
58 – Playground Productions
59 – Black Box Productions
60 – In the Wings Promotions
61 – Stendhal X
62 – barlizo productions
63 – Pondering Pisces
64 – Gospel
65 – Canary Productions
66 – Queen Street Productions
67 – Le Groupe Herencias
68 – the orange eyes/les yeux oranges
69 – RIGHT NOW !
70 – Be Happy Productions
71 – No Small Roles Theatre
72 – Doctor Keir Co.
73 – Brave New Productions
74 – We Say So ltd
75 – Becoming Theatre
76 – Questionable Decisions
77 – Quietus Productions
78 – Broaductions
79 – dramedyking
80 – Kerosene Theatre
81 – A.K.A. Flora Lynn
82 – T-4-4 Productions

Early Bird Application Results!

Congratulations to our Early Bird 2018 winners! These companies are automatically accepted in the next edition of the Festival St-Ambroise FRINGE de Montréal coming June 2018!

We received a record number of applications this year and to celebrate we’ve decided to select one extra company per category! Please see below for a complete list of successful early birds.

If your company did not win, you have been entered into the lottery which will take place on November 11 at 8PM at the MainLine Gallery (3905 St-Laurent).

Deadline to Apply: Thursday, November 9 at 6PM

Lottery party at MainLine Gallery, 3905 St-Laurent: Saturday, November 11 at 8PM

Application FORM here:

Fringe on,

Amy Blackmore

Executive and Artistic Director


International (we still have two open slots)

  • The Shylock Project
  • Sophia Walker Productions
  • big word performance poetry
  • Weeping Spoon Productions
  • 2Hoots Productions
  • A Little Bit Off


  • Cory Thibert
  • Scantily Glad Theatre
  • Sex T-Rex
  • Rabbit & Turtle Projects
  • HappySad Theatre
  • star star theatre
  • Stephanie Morin-Robert

Quebec French

  • Le Théâtre des petits paradigmes poreux
  • Possiblement Théâtre
  • En un tour de main
  • Théâtre de l’Ataxie Belliqueuse
  • une (autre)compagnie de théâtre
  • Théâtre Omnivore
  • Theatre Globe Bulle Rouge
  • Ac Productions

Quebec English

  • Tantalus
  • AAATarot
  • Project Aliencat
  • Majora Theatre
  • Wrong Trousers Productions
  • Acherontia productions
  • Ah Geez Productions
  • Robbie Dillon’s Penis

Performer Applications and Early Birds 2018

FRINGE applications will open on Wednesday, August 23 at 12PM EST, online at Be among the first 8 local French or English, or the first 6 Canadian or International to get a guaranteed spot!

Application FORM here:

Good luck,

Amy Blackmore, Executive and Artistic Director

Volunteer Appreciation Party and Auction

What better way to end the FRINGE than with a party to celebrate some of it’s most important people; the volunteers. Thank you all for making this one of the most successful FRINGE Festivals we have had in a long time and bringing so much joy to the artists, staff and patrons alike by just being your wonderful selves.


The doors open at 8pm at MainLine Theatre where you can use your leftover FRINGE BUCKS to buy beer and bid on cool auction prizes such as various gift baskets, tickets to shows and many other exciting things.

The auction starts at 9pm and will be hosted by none other than Kenny Streule and your very own Volunteer Coordinator Julie Felix.

For those of you that have a superpass for all the hours you did, you can validate it at the party and get 60 FRINGE BUCKS to use at the auction.

After the auction we will have just one more ALL NIGHT DANCE PARTY with DJ Comms (Sarah Laforce) spinning some sweet tracks.

Volunteer Party and Auction

June 20 – 8pm
Mainline Theatre
3997 St-Laurent boulevard


Pop-Up Gallery: Don’t forget our online catalogue!

This year’s Pop-Up Gallery: Festival Edition was once again a huge success! It was being held at the MAI (Montréal, Arts Interculturels) for one night only and over 30 artists exhibited their work.

To make an addition to this success, we have decided to bring something new this year: an online catalogue! If you haven’t had the chance to visit the Pop-Up Gallery or if wanted some more time to think about purchasing an art piece, here’s your chance to view all of the artists’ works and buy the piece you love online!

The catalogue will be online until June 30, so don’t miss out!

You can find our online catalogue at the following address:

fringe 2017 frankies

FRANKIE Award Winners of the 2017 St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival!

June 19, Montreal – The 27th edition of the St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival came to a close Sunday evening at the historic Club Soda with the festival’s prestigious Frankie Awards and closing night party. Fourteen awards were handed out to FRINGE artists by festival partners.

The Frankie Awards are named after Frank Hopkins, a key benefactor during the festival’s early years of the festival. Frank Hopkins passed away on November 11, 2015, his 93rd birthday. As Frank always did, the awards in his name shine a light of the stand-out productions of each edition.

The 2017 FRANKIE Awards are listed by award title and sponsor followed by the winner and the other nominees.

Freestanding Room Award for Making Big Things Happen in Small Places (L’Espace Freestanding Room)

WINNER: Invasive Species  (Blue Ox Productions)

Best French Text

To be revealed at the World FRINGE Day

Most Outstanding Choreography Award (Bouge D’ici)

WINNER: Trust Club – Le club du Trust – (Collectif Supérieur)

Best French Production (MainLine Theatre)

WINNER: Trust Club – Le club du Trust – (Collectif Supérieur)
Honourable mention: InVitro (Pretium Doloris)

MainLine Creativity Award (MainLine Theatre)

WINNER: tldr;smh (Nightshade Ensemble)

Most Promising English Company (Segal Center for Performing Arts)

WINNER: Elsewhere (Odd Stumble)

Best English Comedy (Just for Laughs)

WINNER: The Ballad Of Frank Allen (Weeping Spoon Productions)

Best English Production (Centaur Theatre)

WINNER: The Morning After The Life Before (LK)
Honourable mention: Elsewhere (Odd Stumble)

The Montreal Le Festival des Clowns Award (The Montreal Clown Festival)

WINNER: The Merkin Sisters (Stephanie Morin-Robert)

Best English Text (St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival)

To be revealed at the World FRINGE Day

Best Visual Identity

WINNER: Precinct: An Improvised Cop Story (Little Toe Entertainment) 

Spirit of the FRINGE (St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival)

WINNER: Glam Gam Productions – Peter Pansexual

Spirit of the FRINGE: Special Edition (St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival)

WINNER: DK Reinemer – Help! I’m American

The L’Après FRINGE : 13th HOUR 

WINNER: Telia Nevile – Poet VS Pageant


FRANKIE Award Nominations for the 27th St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival!

June 15, Montreal – The St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival will close with much fanfare on June 18 with the closing FRANKIE Award Ceremony taking place at the stunning Club Soda (1225 St Laurent Boulevard) starting at 11 pm. Participating juries and festival staff are pleased to announce the nominated shows and performance companies. This year there will be 13 prizes awarded, covering an array of values.

The Frankie Awards are named after Frank Hopkins, a key benefactor during the festival’s early years of the festival. Frank Hopkins passed away on November 11, 2015, his 93rd birthday. As Frank always did, the awards in his name shine a light of the stand-out productions of each edition.

Freestanding Room Award for Making Big Things Happen in Small Places (L’Espace Freestanding Room)

Best French Text
To be revealed at the ceremony

Most Outstanding Choreography Award (Bouge D’ici)

Best French Production (MainLine Theatre)

       Honourable mention: InVitro (Pretium Doloris)

MainLine Creativity Award (MainLine Theatre)

Most Promising English Company (Segal Center for Performing Arts)

Best English Comedy (Just for Laughs)

 Best English Production (Centaur Theatre)

       Honourable mention: Elsewhere (Odd Stumble)

The Montreal Le Festival des Clowns Award (The Montreal Clown Festival)

Best English Text (St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival)
To be revealed at the ceremony

Best Visual Identity
To be revealed at the ceremony

Spirit of the FRINGE (St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival)
To be revealed at the ceremony

The L’Après FRINGE : 13th HOUR 
To be revealed at the ceremony


Sell out shows & others selling really well!

After four nights of A-Z awesomeness, we’re still discovering the many shows of this year’s edition. Several touring shows haven’t even opened yet, but already several productions are standing out!

Shows that had sell out performances on opening weekend:

Others that are selling really well:

Get your tickets today! And keep exploring the programming!

PHOTO: SCRUM – Acherontia Productions