Mix up your FRINGE schedule!

Happy Wednesday!

We have a handful of artists that only opened their shows on Monday because they were at the London Fringe before coming to Montreal. Don’t forget to give some love to Awkward Hug, Red Bastard, Flute Loops, AL LAFRANCE. JON BENNETT. THAT’S IT. and Bad Habits.

Finally, I hear we have an amazing lineup of francophone shows this year. Be sure to mix it up a bit when selecting shows to see. Take a risk on a show in another language. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Unfortunately, due to the forecast, we have decided to postpone our ECO CARNAVALE activities. But on the bright side, it means more time to sneak in shows!! #alltheshows #fringetillithurts

Fringe on!

Amy Blackmore

Executive and Artistic Director

#fringebuzz shows reviews!

My favourite part of the festival is when the #fringebuzz takes over the festival. There are so many amazing shows to see this year. Please check out the #fringebuzz for reviews.

But, I highly recommend going old-school and heading over to the Fringe Park (corner of Rachel/St-Laurent) to read the buzz at the beer tent reviews posted. It’s also a great way to connect with your fellow fringers to chat about your favourite shows to date over a beer !

Fringe on,

Amy Blackmore
Executive and Artistic Director

Second week of the festival!

The #fringepark is presently being set up at the corner of Rachel and St-Laurent and soon it will be covered in artist posters! We’re excitedly gearing up for the second half of the festival. Be sure to join the big kickoff on June 7 at 6pm for our opening night concert featuring Montreal’s Sonido Pesao and Urban Science Brass Band!

In the meantime, you can enjoy off shows such as Drunk Girl, Mid Knight, Buyer & Cellar, Greasy, Don’t Read the Comments and Lucky at a variety of venues. We also have tonight’s the Encore presentation of Sex T-Rex’s SworldPlay – a one-night-only event.

Coming up on Wednesday night is the International Fringe-For-All, where you can get a sneak peak of all our touring companies from across Canada and around the world.

Don’t forget, word-of-mouth is king and #fringebuzz is queen at the Fringe, so please help us spread the word!

Fringe on,

Amy Blackmore
Executive and Artistic Director


We’ve passed $20,000 in advance sales, broken carte blanche records and celebrated many sold out performances! We’re happy to report that our off shows are rocking it this year and can’t wait till our full schedule kicks off on June 7.

This afternoon, consider heading out west to Annexe St-Ambroise for our Fringebuzz Throwback Event: Dramaturkey hosted by Jem Rolls! And then come back to the plateau for an incredible lineup at 06.03 Internet Narcissists Anonymous – Fringe After Dark.

And here’s a hot tip for week two: Encore Presentation – Swordplay: A Play of Swords tickets are moving pretty quickly. This one-night-only is a must-see event. Buy your tickets now.

Fringe on,
Amy Blackmore
Executive and Artistic Director

cabarets bâtards

TONIGHT: Les Cabarets Bâtards & Life Lessons

Tonight, two awesome events are happening! Come join us for a perfect Saturday night at the Fringe!

First, Les Cabarets Bâtards, a new poetry-text -performance cabaret, at MainLine Theatre 8pm. Only $10 (+$2.50 tx & svc) 16+

And right after, still at MainLine Theatre, Life Lessons : Fringe Edition. Drown your sorrow with hosts Keith Waterfield and Leighland Beckham and their guests as they find the funny in their sad, depressing and embarassing tales. Starts at 10pm, $10 (+$2.50 tx & svc) 18+

Get your tickets NOW!

photo : yannickelegare.com

We’re already breaking records!

I’m so overwhelmed with the response to the Festival St-Ambroise Fringe de Montréal this year. We’ve already hit $15,000 in ticket sales and we’ve sold a record number of Carte Blanches!

This year’s programming is off the hook. Tonight you can catch Spicy Bingo Olé! Olé! Le Festival des Clowns de Montreal, Fringe After Dark: Pinball Karaoke or go see the OFF shows: DANCE SIDE of the MOON at the Montreal Fringe, Greasy: A Lesbian Love Story, Queens of the Crypt (May 31-June 8) at the Montreal Fringe Fest! or Carmilla at the Montreal Fringe Festival!!!

Tomorrow is pretty exciting too as we are presenting On The Fringe, a 90 mins documentary about artists touring the Fringe circuit in 2014!


Amy Blackmore
Executive and Artistic Director

The FRINGE is here!

Last night we trended nation-wide as we launched the festival with the Fringe-For-All to a jam-packed crowd at Club Soda. Join us tonight at the #FringeSocial at MainLine from 6-9pm and check out #fringebuzz if you missed the show!

It’s the final countdown till we Fringe!

Join us on Monday, May 28 at our new Fringe-For-All venue: CLUB SODA! I’m personally super excited to host you in a new venue! I can’t wait to see all our local companies take the stage for 2 minutes to convince you to attend their shows. A marathon of madness!

Fringe on!
Amy Blackmore, Executive & Artistic Director

Tickets are on sale!


Now’s your chance to scroll through this year’s festival programming. The lineup has been announced and tickets and passes are on sale! Please keep in mind that 100% of tickets are available in advance, so buy yours now to guarantee your seat.

I’m really looking forward to Fringing with you.
Fringe on,
Amy Blackmore, Executive & Artistic Director

#Fringebuzz Program Launch!

Come on down to the MainLine Gallery
on May 8
at 7PM
Experience what it’s like to have a beer in one hand and a FRINGE program in the other, for the first time this summer. It’s never too early to start planning YOUR FRINGE. See what shows and events are to come and meet the artists that will make it all possible!