Daily Dose of Fringe – A range of tiny artistic offerings, June 12-21.

Everyday at 11AM, we will be releasing content especially made to give you your daily dose of the Fringe! Sneak a peek on your lunch hour, after work or before bed!

  • Contemporary dance videos in partnership with Bouge d’ici featuring work by choreographers and dance artists Allison Elizabeth Burns, Aurora Prelević, Jalianne Li, Jessica Sofia Lopez Garcia, Julianne Decerf, Liane Thériault, Mona El Husseini, Naomi Gwynn, Stéphanie Fromentin and Tiera Joly Pavelich.
  • Magic acts presented by magicians from across the national Fringe Festival circuit, including Derrick Chung, Grant McSorley, Jacque Swan, Jody Mihay, Keith Brown, Magicien MOSH, Marc Trudel, Purple Magic and more! 
  • Short stories presented in partnership with the Montreal storytelling events Confabulation and Enfabulation, featuring Ahmad Hamdan, Frédérique Dubois, Juliana Léveillé-Trudel, Matt Goldberg, Nisha Coleman, Vicky Boucher and more! 
  • Read an emerging BIPOC (black, indigenous, person of colour) artist interview by Camila Fitzgibbon. 
  • Online challenges inspiring us to get creative by following instructions brought to you by the organizers of le Festival tout’ tout court.