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FRINGE Classic Breakfast
Patati Patata, (boul. 4177, Saint-Laurent)
2 eggs & bacon or ham or sausage or cheese
(Served with fruits or tomatoes, white or rye bread,
filter coffee or ice tea, potatoes & vegetarian beans.)

Pitarifique (4160, boul. St-Laurent)
All dressed

FRINGE Waffle burger Louisiana
Engaufrez-vous (8, rue Rachel E.)
Chicken, onions, peppers and curry

Dirty Dog (3685, boul. Saint-Laurent)
Homemade Pork, beef or veggie sausage, topped with fresh cut fries,
cheese curds, Dirty Dogs® poutine gravy, fresh bruschetta and pesto sauce

FRINGE Vegetarian Thali
Curry Mahal (3814, boul. Saint-Laurent)
2 vegetable with rice and naan bread

FRINGE Sausage
FRINGE Park (St-Laurent Blvd. and Rachel)

Beigne FRINGE Donut
Pâtisserie Solignac (3628, boul. Saint-Laurent)

FRINGE Poutine
Resto La Banquise (994, rue Rachel E.)
Golden fries, Banquise poutine gravy, cheese curds,
bacon, onions, tomatoes and tzatziki

FRINGE Salad: Moroccan Kale Salad
Fletchers – Espace Culinaire (4040, boul. Saint-Laurent)
Lettuce, kale, roasted carrots and mushrooms, israeli couscous,
preserved lemon dressing and toasted almonds

#Fringebuzz pizza
Pizzeria Magpie (1237 Rue Amherst)
Garlic oil, pancetta, brie, mozzarella, honey, arugula, walnuts and basil

FRINGE Iced lattes
Frenco (3985 Boulevard St-Laurent)

FRINGE Unicorn Affogato
Dispatch (4021 boul. St-Laurent)
Espresso over hibiscus, rhubarb and kirsch ice cream 

#FRINGEbuzz Cocktail
Honey Mint Bourbon Lemonade

The Wiggle Room (3874 Boulevard St-Laurent)

FRINGE Beer Cocktails: St-Ambroise Beer
MainLine Theatre (3997 Boulevard St-Laurent)

FRINGE Cocktail: Negroni  
Bishop & Bagg (52 Saint-Viateur Ouest)