How to FRINGE this opening Week End!

We know that the start of A-Z programming, especially with the opening of FRINGE park, can be intimidating for new FRINGErs! Because of this, we’ve made a handy dandy FRINGE guide to make sure your festival is a smash hit! If you follow this list, you’ll be fringing like a pro in no time! We’d recommend buying a Ménage-a-Trois pass, so you can see three shows! Why not choose

  1. Get yourself a Ménage-a-Trois pass, so you can see three shows! Choose one you’re sure about, choose one recommended by a friend, and in the true spirit of the Fringe, choose one at random!
  2. Go to the FRINGE Park between shows to drink a cold St Ambroise Beer and soak in some sun!
  3. Getting Hungry? Find one of our many neighbourhood vendors participating in the FRINGEbuzz Menu!
  4. And cap off your evening in style at the L’après Fringe: The13th Hour at Mainline Theatre!

Happy Fringing!

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