Mix up your FRINGE schedule!

Happy Wednesday!

We have a handful of artists that only opened their shows on Monday because they were at the London Fringe before coming to Montreal. Don’t forget to give some love to Awkward Hug, Red Bastard, Flute Loops, AL LAFRANCE. JON BENNETT. THAT’S IT. and Bad Habits.

Finally, I hear we have an amazing lineup of francophone shows this year. Be sure to mix it up a bit when selecting shows to see. Take a risk on a show in another language. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Unfortunately, due to the forecast, we have decided to postpone our ECO CARNAVALE activities. But on the bright side, it means more time to sneak in shows!! #alltheshows #fringetillithurts

Fringe on!

Amy Blackmore

Executive and Artistic Director

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