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The Moaning Yoni

Joylyn Secunda

In The Moaning Yoni Healing Circle, a magical elixir awakens Zoë’s clitoral consciousness. From Tinder to Tantra, Zoë and her Yoni cross a sexual battlefield in a psychedelic journey. Will she learn to embrace her asexuality? Joylyn Secunda’s 17 characters whirl though songs, dances and stunts in this cosmic comedy.


Nom de la compagnie - Nom du groupe :
Joylyn Secunda
Langue :
Age :
Durée :
Retardataires :
5 minutes
Genre :
Sous genre :
Danse, Musique, Comédie, Solo
De :
Vancouver, BC
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Directeur :
David Secunda
Choréographe :
Linda Arkelian
Autres collaborateurs :
Vocal Coach: Nicole Stevens
Content Warning :
Coarse Language, Sexual Assault Themes

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